Anki fails to open web browser

Well, since you’ve submitted this as a suggestion – what are you actually suggesting? (“You’re doing it wrong and should do it better,” reads like an unproductive complaint instead.) I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re actually trying to help with these posts.

What suggested solutions do you have for the devs about what would make this work on your particular system? For instance – What OS is it? Does your default browser successfully and universally open urls/links from other apps on your computer (because if your default browser can’t do that then there’s not much hope here)? Which ones?

And what other work-arounds have you considered?

Well… that’s not the right page to download shared decks, so we can’t do anything about you not finding shared decks there. But the right page is quite easy to find – it’s the top several Google results for anki shared decks. That seems like the next logical step for a new user who found that the “Get Shared” button didn’t work for them.

It’s a link to the site where you can download and install every version of the app. I’m sure you have seen that before, since I explained it to you last week.

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