Anki, AnkiConnect, and emacs anki-editor


Perhaps, this might not be the best place for this question. But I’m not sure where else to ask.
I’ve been using emacs anki-editor to push anki notes to Anki through AnkiConnect for a month. I’ve found that occasionally the process will result in error like this

:ANKI_FAILURE_REASON: Wrong number of arguments: (3 . 3), 2

I have to try rerun several times until it all complete. And when my anki files grow larger the time required to rerun to fix this start to be very annoying. I want to find the root cause and fix it.

I cloned all source code from all those project to take a look. What weird is that I cannot find the error message “Wrong number of arguments” anywhere in source code of those projects. (Perhaps it’s from other emacs elisp library)

I can do Python, js, elisp. But it might take sometime before I could find the cause.

Anybody can give me a hint to fix this ?

It seems to come from Emacs anki-editor: Look here.

Thanks for your reply. Very likely this is the cause.