Anki 2.1.55 Beta 1-2

Hi all,

A beta of 2.1.55 is now available:

Please let us know how it goes for you.


There are still some rough edges in my Qt stylesheets for the RTL layout. Qt adjusts some properties automatically, but the ones that need manual intervention are not done yet:

I see that one of the changes is “The MathJax preview can now be turned off,” but I can’t find where that is done.

The fx button


I like it! Lots of cool changes.

I noticed that opening the Add & Edit windows and the Browser seem to be much laggier. Especially when notes with a lot of fields are involved.

E.g. on my Windows 10 machine with no add-ons enabled, qt6:

  • opening the Edit window of a SketchyMicro note (92 fields) from the Reviewer takes about 50 seconds (3 seconds on .54)
  • changing the note-type to SketchyMicro while in the Add window takes about 40 seconds (<1 second on .54)
  • similar times for the first SketchyMicro to be opened in the Browser. The following are faster, but still slower than .54 (4-5 seconds vs <1)

Regarding the design, I like most changes, but I I think some buttons are a little bit too small. To make a comparison:

About Anki window The following has not been introduced with .55 and is just a suggestion: in the "About Anki" window, I feel that that the OK and Copy Debug Info buttons should be separated from the bottom-right corner by at least a few more pixels. I also think the window should automatically fit the screen, if possible. Right now I have to resize it just to make the aforementioned buttons visible.

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Any chance you could share some screenshots of the new editor for those of us not in a position to upgrade currently? Thanks!

Hi, changes looks good.

A sentence “Legacy import/export handling” in settings is not in Pontoon so it cannot be translated.

[Bug] List of deck presets does not fit.
Add a new preset. This new preset behaves as a default one. E.g. It cannot be removed. When I try to remove the default preset, the new one is removed.


Running Linux qt6, this is my first impressions. I will probably post more, I’ll start running this daily.


  • Looking at the new tag search bar, it does no longer highlight the currently selected tag. This makes it a bit hard when searching and scrolling through a lot of tags
  • The “Shrink images” button is a biiiit too low (or is it part of the addon? Or its fault?) :slight_smile:
  • When shrinking the tag section enough, the tag button simply jumps above it. Also, it seems to be locked pretty low, so you can either decrease it or not do anything at all
  • I like the new flag icons!


  • New add window is noticeably slower to start
  • I’m unsure if this is new, but when opening the statistics window in full-screen it flashes a lot while loading, which is a bit harsh on the old sightholes…


  • Great work!

It is much more beautiful!
RTL has a problem that sometimes there are sharp corners
For example in top of deck options, top of preferences

Also, it might be worth considering designing the menus in a similar way.

Another problem: in the daily study limit, the old limit is not loaded and only 1 is written

Also, there is no option to choose if every time Anki asks me which profile I want to open

Buttons with text in the editor are not displayed well (the text is too large and there is an ugly line drop instead of expanding the button)

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@dae Thanks! I noticed that the first time I clicked “Toggle MathJax Rendering,” nothing happened, but from then on it correctly toggled (I haven’t been able to reproduce it). Also, I think the settings gear
would be a more logical place to put the toggle option. Perhaps also display a checkbox as is the case for “Shrink Images” so that users can see what the current setting is

Edit: Moved problems relating to toggling the MathJax rendering to a new post here: Anki 2.1.55 Beta, Disable MathJax Preview

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A small thing: It looks like the vertical alignment of the setting gear is
is different than the surrounding button. ginger’s post above shows the same problem in dark mode:

Nice work. I love it! Thanks to all contributors.

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The fields got a lot more complex with this update and we’ll definitely have to look at ways to reduce load time, e.g. event delegation instead of individual EventListeners for each component.
This PR by @hengiesel might improve the situation a bit Single overlay instead of per field by hgiesel · Pull Request #2070 · ankitects/anki · GitHub.

50 seconds is crazy though, probably some O(n²) issue (if I remember correctly from CS ;D).

Thanks for that, I didn’t test on Windows yet. See for comparison on Linux:


I’ll probably need to explicitly set padding for the buttons.

100% agreed :+1:

Thanks for the reports! That’s on me.

That’s actually a feature. Have you tried clicking the tag icon yet? It moves there when the height of the tag editor reaches 0 to allow one-click expansion and focus of the input.

Which menus are you referring to, exactly?

I prefer the new behaviour because it saves me lots of clicks, but it depends on your workflow, I guess. If more people see this as problematic, we could make it default, but optional.


standard QMenu’s.(For example: file, edit, help, etc.)

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This seems to be a bug in 2.1.55:

When in the Add window I copy text from one field to another field, the text gets inserted into the target field with a span tag that sets the font size (and perhaps other attributes) to match the formatting of the source field.

Also: Highlighting this text and invoking CTRL+R does not strip the formatting as suspected.

Also: In the Add window, it is much less noticeably marked when you’re adding a duplicate note. This may be intentional, but I do prefer the background changing colour like in 2.1.54.

Also: In the Add window, when you’ve collapsed a field, the field will automatically expand upon pressing “Add”.

Also: In the Browse window, the editor doesn’t remember if a field has been collapsed (or if the HTML Editor has been toggled on) when switching between notes (even of the same note type).

Card template editor: when the “Only one typing box per card template is supported” message is active, everything below it becomes bold.

It seems that it is not a matter of an unclosed <b> tag, rather a lot of <b></b> tags are added.


How to extract the .apkg file of Anki 2.1.55 correctly?

[BUG] Invalid argument when extracting .apkg file · Issue #42 · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki (

Great work as usual, thanks to Dae, Rumo, Mattias, Henrik and all others who have contributed!

In the new per deck daily limits option is difficult to which tab you are on when clicking in the different tabs if using night theme:
Difficult to see

Also, these are my Daily Limits in 2.1.54:

The same deck’s options in 2.1.55 shows these settings apparently reduced to 1 by default:

To actually see the right preset settings I need to modify “this deck” or “today only” first:

Default to 1



That’s actually a feature. Have you tried clicking the tag icon yet? It moves there when the height of the tag editor reaches 0 to allow one-click expansion and focus of the input.

I see. However, the tag window is still a bit limited in size (wouldn’t it be better to make it possible to take up like half of the window?).

I understand what you mean now, that’s a good idea, but currently it’s still possible to hide the tag icon when the partition height is above zero:
Perhaps it should not “pop up” when the height reaches zero, but when the size is not big enough to show the whole Add tag-button? This way it makes it more obvious as a feature as well.

Edit: Still running Linux Qt6