Anki 2.1.53 Release Candidate

Hi all,

A 2.1.53 release candidate is now available:

Because the Qt 6.3.1 release is still close to a month away, .53 will likely be released in approximately a week if no issue are found in the mean time.


mac12.3.1 M1 apple sillicon
anki 2.1.53 RC mac qt5

MathJax syntax error, can not analysis some math font. This is a new bug only appear in 2.1.53 RC.
Only appear in editor window, the preview window works normally

  1. the editor window
  2. the preview window

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Can you paste the exact MathJax used to reproduce this issue?


\text { The solution to } A \boldsymbol{x}=\boldsymbol{b} \text { is } \boldsymbol{x}=A^{-1} \boldsymbol{b} \text {, when } A \text { is an {{c1::invertible}} matrix. }

the main problem is the \boldsymbol

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rc2 is now available: Changes in 2.1.53 - Anki Betas

If you were experiencing crashes, please let us know if it fixes/doesn’t fix the issue for you in Crashes with 2.1.52 / 2.1.53rc

2.1.53 has been released as stable today, with no changes since rc2. If you experience any problems with rc2/the stable release, please let us know in a new post.