Android start, no backup, web login, AnkiDroid selection, now my four cards are gone

I know there’s AnkiDesktop, web, AnkiMobile, and AnkiDroid, for desktop, iPhone, and Android.

I started with AnkiDroid, without creating an account at first. On AnkiDroid, without an account, without backing anything up, I made four cards.

Then I went to my desktop, and downloaded the Windows installer, installed it, and was asked in the setup to choose web or droid… so I chose Droid.

On my Andriod, I’m now finding the four cards I’d made are gone, although there appears to be a theme that claims it’s being applied to two decks. Unfortunately, though, it appears as though only one deck name is displayed.

It’s convoluted, it’s hard to explain clearly, but are those four cards gone?


If you downloaded to AnkiDroid instead of uploading, you may have overwritten the cards with your empty AnkiWeb collection. AnkiDroid may have created a backup: Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

Also, you should look for your cards in the browser, not in the deck review panel.