Adding image into downloaded shared deck

Hi! I’m very new to Anki. I’ve downloaded a shared desk with no image i.e. Japanese deck. I tried to add image into the each card. But I am not able to do so.

I’ve been exploring how to do it for the past few days but still not able to do it. I visited youtube, Most of the youtube video show how to add into image into newly created deck. Some did show to add image into existing deck, but it is far advanced for me, I am not able to follow.

Appreciate if anyone can guide me step by step on this.

The process is mostly the same for existing notes.

When reviewing a card, click the Edit button at the bottom left to open the note editor.
You can either use the paperclip icon to add images from some folder on your disk, or simply drag/copy an image to the editor window and drop/paste it in one of the fields.

Depending on how the deck is structured, it may be better to add a new field specifically for images.


HI! Thanks for your guidance.

I managed to add the photo into the field. When I go to browse, it manage to be attached. But when I preview it, the photo is not showing up.

Why is that so?

You have to add a reference to the field that contains the image to your card templates. Something like this:


See for details on card templates and how to edit them.