Accessing local anki data on another ssd

Hey, my laptop died a week ago and I took the ssd and plugged it into my pc. I now want to access the anki data from the ssd. My current data set was on a second profile and unfortunately I didn’t sync it. Can you still access the local data?

What I tried until now:
I searched for the anki data like stated in the official ankiweb docs. (PC and laptop running on Linux) But there is only user profile 1 saved not my second. Also the folder properties stated that it was last modiefied last year summer, but I used and updated the second profile a week ago. I cant find another anki folder. The second profile has to be somewhere right? Because how could anki would have accessed and saved the data when i used it on my laptop? In theory if my laptop would work and I inserted the ssd back in, then the data from the second profile should be there.

I also considered to dual boot, and boot from the other ssd, to “emulate” my laptop and use Anki like that but the hardware on my PC differs too much, causing too much risk, which is why I wanted to try other methods first.

If you found one profile, the other should be in a folder right next to it. Assuming you used the default locations, you should find it here: Managing Files - Anki Manual . Be sure to check the “new” locations in addition to the “old” ones.

If you didn’t use the defaults, the next step would probably be to search the drive for the name of your profile – that will be the name of the folder you’re looking for.

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