A way to know when the cards are new

Folks, is there an easy way to know when the reviews ended and the news cards are going to presented? For example, I would like to know when the 26 reviews of "JURIS STF 2022"end and Anki new cards are going to be presented. Sometimes I am reviewing and then new cards start to appear. I would like to know when the reviews end because sometimes I want to study new cards of other decks. Thanks! I was trying to find a way to do this and I realized that maybe enabling the time for the next review would solve it, since new cards, but I definitely don’t like it, it makes me anxious Idk why. I don’t want to keep returning to the decks list to verify if the reviews ended.
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I foud a solution. A simple add-on that does exactly what I need: “New Card Notification”

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