A UI bug when I press the PageUP key on my keyboard

When I pressed the PageUP key on the keyboard, the UI becomes a little strange.

This bug is not triggered when there is no text.

Windows11 21H2
Anki版本 ⁨2.1.50 (db804d95)⁩
Python 3.9.7 Qt 6.2.2 PyQt 6.2.2

(I’m also curious to ask why anki hasn’t been updated for so long, both the stable or beta version, is there any difficulty in the development process?)
(my English is poor, and I used translation software for the above text, it may not be very grammatical.)

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I pressed PageDown after PageUp…

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into it.

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Same thing happens when typing in a tag that is longer than the viewport width, btw.